By Brian Hurlburt, portions of this article were included in Allegiant Airlines Inflight Magazine, SunSeeker.

If you want a classic Las Vegas experience, Piero’s is the place to be. The walls ooze with Vegas history at every level, and the unique restaurant is a living and breathing walk down memory lane. And … the food and service is a step above.

Las Vegas has quickly become known as a world class restaurant and dining destination. A flurry of shiny and fancy new restaurants have emerged in Las Vegas in recent years, but the historic and delicious Piero’s Italian Cuisine still makes mouth’s water.

For many locals and visitors, dining in Las Vegas starts and ends with Piero’s. For almost four decades, Piero’s, under the direction of the Glusman family, has fed  a who’s who of Las Vegas elite in addition to a stunningly long list of Hollywood celebrities, superstar athletes, politicians, and business magnates. As Fred Glusman, the patriarch of Piero’s says perfectly, “It’s old Vegas, and it’s the best of Vegas.”

A meal almost seems secondary to the overall Piero’s experience, but the food reaches the same level of excellence as the atmosphere and history. Osso Buco is the house signature dish and is served only after it is slow-cooked to a perfect finish. More than 40 dishes are on the menu–in addition to a dizzying array of nightly specials–and a superb wine list boasts 1,900 different wines.

The list of locals who make Piero’s a regular dining destination is what truly sets it apart. So many generations of families have celebrated special occasions at Piero’s that the place has blossomed into much more than a restaurant. “What makes this special is that it’s all about family,” says Evan Glusman, the son of Fred. “My mom and dad are still always there. I’m there. My brother Charlie is involved. Our executive chef, Gilbert Fetaz, has been with us for 32 years. Because of that, the place has developed a personality. It’s kind of a living, breathing being. It’s a part of who we are and we care about our guests because many are like family. A lot of restaurants say the customer comes first, but at Piero’s we truly believe it because we love it.”

Portions of the movie, Casino, were filmed at Piero’s, but many of the real-life and connected Vegas characters depicted in the movie were regulars. Celebrities and athletes who have enjoyed Piero’s include Jennifer Aniston, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Justin Timberlake, Kobe Bryant and Jerry Tarkanian among others. Piero’s is open seven nights a week from 5 pm and can be reserved for special events.

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