U.S. Am Tour Owner Makes Honest Assessment of Paiute Duel in the Desert Tournaments

During the year, the U.S Am Tour organizes about 600 tournaments and plays many of the top courses in the United States. Rick Adamek, one of the Tour’s owners, appreciates them all, but is honest about his love for the two Duel in the Desert events held each year at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. –By Brian Hurlburt, Founder, LasVegasGolfInsider.com

“I know it sounds like a sales line, but it’s truly my opinion and honest thought, if I could play personally and could only play in one tournament, I would pick the Duel at Paiute every single time,” Adamek says. “It has all of the right elements. You’re in Vegas, you’re playing good golf courses, and playing for trophies and a prize pool. Plus, it is a two-person team event that adds to the fun.”


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For 22 years, the popular U.S. Am Tour has hit Vegas for the Duel in the Desert. For more than a decade, the tournament has called the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort and the three Pete Dye signature courses home.

The event became so popular that it expanded to a second event/week in recent years. Now, nearly 600 players descend upon Las Vegas around Super Bowl weekend to stay, play and compete. As this article is being written, the PGA Tour is playing Innisbrook, where the champs from the Duel In the Desert will be competing in the U.S. Am Tour National Championships later in 2024.

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the Duel this year is success, meaning the events went off without a hitch,” Adamek says. “Even with so many players and being in Las Vegas, everyone showed up for each round, which is impressive. And the team at the Paiute resort always does a phenomenal job. I don’t know of another partner that does what Paiute does with their cart staging and the outside facilities. The way that they embrace our event and have everything totally perfect for when we show up is appreciated. Their outside service team shows up at two in the morning to make sure everything is organized and pointed in the right direction to the Wolf, Sun Mountain, and Snow Mountain courses. They are terrific partners and our players love that they make everything so seamless.”

The U.S. Am Tour continues to grow in popularity, just as the Duel events do. A key is to keep events a value proposition.

“The players still believe it to be a good value, which we are fortunate that they believe that because we try to be cost conscious with everything that is going on in the world of golf,” Adamek says. “All over the place, the price of golf seems to be going up exponentially.”

Adamek and his golfers appreciate the overall facility at the Paiute, but the courses also generate a lot of buzz.

“The quality of those courses is second to none,” Adamek says. “I tell anybody that asks that Paiute is where they should they play in Vegas, Jeff Reid and the Paiute Tribal leadership do things right. They are really reinvesting in those courses and in the clubhouse and all their facilities. Not all courses are doing that, so to see Paiute making a commitment to the product is a very good thing. It shows they have their minds in the right place to serve the golfers, our tournaments and everyone.”

Besides the Paiute, Adamek and his team work with The Mirage as a lodging partner, and look forward to continuing to work with the new ownership group, Hard Rock. And the Paiute will always be the place for the Duels.

“There is a comfort level, and they don’t take us for granted,” Adamek says. “They really do everything they can to put on a good show and their staff is as good as anywhere. We appreciate Tom Eiden, the sales director, and Clint Garcia, the tournament director. Everyone does a wonderful job.”

Check out USAmTour.com for more info on the Duel in the Desert and other tournaments.