Southern Nevada Golf Association Recognizes 2023 Honorees at Reflection Bay

It is a special occasion each year when the Southern Nevada Golf Association Tournament of Champions is played. In 2024, the event that brings champs from associations, clubs and courses together, was played at Reflection Bay Golf Club. Besides the tournament, the post-round awards dinner recognized the best members from 2023 including players and volunteer of the year.

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SNGA 2023 Honorees

2-Day Championship Series
Josh Goldstein, Championship
Championship award named in honor of 9-time SNGA Player of the Year Brady Exber
Jeff Gilliame, Net
Todd Roberts, Senior
Kelly Knievel, Senior Net
Gary Carpendale, Silver
Tony Troilo, Silver Net
Tour Series
Kevin McEvoy, Championship
Sam Frey, Net
John Bobroski, Senior Scratch
David Foggia, Silver Scratch
Barbara Irwin, Volunteer of the Year

“The SNGA continues to grow our tournaments every year and 2023 was no different,” said Tim Brand, SNGA asst. director. “We offered more events, at more courses, for more players, and we plan to continue that growth. The SNGA staff takes great pride in providing these playing opportunities for our members. But beyond that, credit must be given to the players. Players continue to show incredible sportsmanship and camaraderie at our events. This helps welcome new players and helps create the kind of atmosphere we are looking to provide. I want to make sure our current and potential tournament players know that we appreciate them very much, and we expect everyone to continue to show the highest level of respect for other players, SNGA staff, and SNGA volunteers.”