Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort Earns GolfPass Decade Excellence Recognition

Golfers have always loved the three Pete Dye signature golf courses at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. Now, 10 years of data from the popular GolfPass website backs this up as the resort tops a list of the best of the best from the first decade of the Golfers’ Choice Top 50. –-By Brian Hurlburt

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The recent list featured the top 11 facilities over the last 10 years with the following clarification. You can also click to view the entire Golf Pass Decade recognition story:

From GolfPass editor Jason Scott Deegan: The staying power of these 11 golf courses and facilities is what’s most impressive. Each one of them has qualified for the Top 50 at least five times, and some of them have had multiple courses qualify, the ultimate stamp of approval of how that particular facility is run, from conditioning to pace of play to service and more.

Jeff Reid, the Paiute resort’s general manager and previous Director of Golf Course Maintenance, was honored to hear the news.

“Earning this recognition is possible because of the consistency of the golf courses,” Reid said. “We always get high praise for our playing conditions. What makes this recognition so special is that it is voted on by actual golfers. Also, the other courses and facilities on the list are world class, so to be on top with such amazing competition makes it even more special. I am thrilled for everyone here, and for the leadership and members of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe.”


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Deegan wrote the following about the Paiute Resort as part of the top ranking.

Comment: When it comes to the Golfers’ Choice Top 50, nobody can compete with Las Vegas Paiute. All three of its courses have qualified for the Top 50 at least five times apiece. That’s mind-blowing. I won my legendary sequin green jacket at Paiute, so I can vouch for its seamless operation. It’s a golf factory like Bandon Dunes, and I mean that in a good way. There’s carts and courses everywhere, but it all works. Its site on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip can get windy, so be prepared to come battle Pete Dye architecture whichever course you play.

Top 50 selections:

Sun Mountain 2022 #362021 #192018 #202016 #342015 #4;

Snow Mountain 2021 #52020 #52018 #82016 #352015 #23;

Wolf Creek 2021 #252020 #72019 #342017 #342015 #112014 #16.

“This is a tremendous pride factor for our entire team,” Reid says. “It is quite an accomplishment for the entire team in every department. But the golf maintenance team does all the heavy lifting because a lot of the award is based on our quality conditions. We have all of the other amenities with the fabulous clubhouse, terrific food and beverage, a superb weddings and events team, and all of the other stuff, but it is the consistency of the golf course conditions day in and day out that made this possible. There are never peaks and valleys with out product.”

Reid, as a former superintendent, has a soft spot for his crew, but it is well intentioned and the praise is deserved. The crew is led by Greg Todd, the director of golf course maintenance.

Reid was also pleased for the Paiute Tribe to earn this recognition.

“It was very enjoyable to share this news with the tribal council,” Reid says. “They are very supportive of everything we do, and having such a quality product is very meaningful to them. They are always thrilled to read the reviews and to know that the word of mouth is so positive. We travel to different golf shows around the country and people always come up and tell us they have played here and it is fantastic. Or I will ask somebody at the counter about how they heard about us. Many will reply, ‘Oh, I’ve been here before.’ We get people out here once and then we’re on their radar and most likely they will be back.”

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