Amazing Youth on Course Junior Golf Benefit Helps Juniors Get Affordable Tee Times Access

There is kind of an under the radar program that junior golfers can access when they are Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association members. The Youth on Course program allows juniors the chances to access many Southern Nevada golf courses for as low as $5 per round. The national initiative is funded at a local level through donations and the benefit makes a huge, positive difference in the lives and golf games of juniors across the city.

“Taking advantage of the Youth on Course benefit allows me to not limit the amount of golf that I can play because of price and overall expense,” said RJ Arone, one of our Southern Nevada’s top junior players. “My friends and I can play after-school for practice at the same cost of any other everyday youth activity like the movies. Without Youth on Course, I wouldn’t have been able to get in the number of rounds that I do every year and my game wouldn’t be where it is today.”

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Arone is just one of dozens of kids who take advantage of Youth on Course. The biggest positive impact may be some of the pressure it takes off families trying to support their children as they chase their golf dreams.

“We have so much gratitude for the SNJGA and Youth on Course,” said Stephanie Arone, RJ’s mother. “What a tremendous resource it is for the family of a young golf enthusiast. Whether it’s a young player enjoying the sport for fun, or an avid player interested in competitive play, access to the impressive roster of courses that the Youth On Course Program is a blessing to families. We are grateful to the SNJGA for providing it for their players. It’s no secret that golf is an expensive sport for kids to grow up playing and competing in. Not only are they constantly outgrowing attire, shoes, and equipment, but due to the rising popularity of the sport, tournament entries and greens fees in general are at record highs.

RJ Arone and family deeply appreciate Youth on Course

“The fact that access to quality golf courses through Youth on Course is similar to an out-of-pocket cost equivalent to a fast-food snack is amazing for parents. Up until the kids are 16 and older, they usually aren’t playing alone, so making the parent/child outing affordable for a household to encourage frequency of play is a gift for Youth on Course Members. We are grateful that the Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association has made this strategic partnership to benefit all of their members.”

The Youth on Course mantra is “that a price of a round of golf shouldn’t be a barrier for a young person who wants to play.” National and local donors help make this possible.

RJ Arone appreciates being able to play a variety of courses and it helps with his ability to adapt in tournaments and other big events when college coaches are watching. He also understands that due to his family situation, he would still have some ability to play a variety of courses, but Youth on Course makes that much easier on everyone. BUT there are many junior golfers and families out there who would not be able to play courses without the Youth on Course benefit.

“Honestly, I am lucky and even without it I would have been able to play a couple of times a week, but golf is expensive and there are a lot of kids who want to play but don’t have the resources available to them and Youth On Course gives them the opportunity to grow their game as much as they want to play,” Arone said.

Youth on Course is making a difference for kids … and families. Visit the above link if you want to help the cause.