Shade in Summer is Cool Commodity at Tree-Lined Las Vegas National Golf Club

If you know golf in Vegas in the summer, it gets hot. But there are ways to beat the dry heat. One “cool” way to do so is to tee it up at historic Las Vegas National Golf Club, which is the home to hundreds of pine trees and the shade they provide.

Estimates are that shade can cut temps by 10-15 degrees and getting out of the direct sun can be rejuvenating during a round of golf. There are so many trees at Las Vegas National that sometimes you can be in the fairway and still enjoy some shade.

Obviously, the great news is that every hole at National offers shade. The flip side to that is there are trees everywhere, so an errant shot will be penalized. But there is always an escape and the time in the shade is worth it. Maybe.

Las Vegas National Golf Club is located in the heart of Las Vegas and has been around since 1961, when it hosted the LPGA Championship, a major. Over the years it has hosted dozens of LPGA Tour, PGA Tour and top amateur events. It was one of three courses used when Tiger Woods earned his first PGA Tour victory during the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational.

And currently the course is in terrific condition with The Breakfast Ball Instagram account offering this recent review on May 29,k 2023..

“Still think Natty is the best value in town right now. The course is in great shape and had it not been for a few groups of newbies in front of us we would have finished in under 4hrs.”

The course also hosted a recent Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame play day and golfers on that day also shared how much they enjoyed the layout and conditions. The National clubhouse is home to the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame exhibit.

As of June 4, the official Las Vegas National summer rates go in effect so golfers can save huge while playing a Vegas legend. In the shade.

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