Scoring Secret – React Don’t Just Putt Says Collin Morikawa

Two-time major champion and Las Vegas golf resident Collin Morikawa has a secret. But a golf putting secret that he was willing to share–at least a portion of it. It just may help you score lower and have more fun.

It all begins with focusing more on your intended target when readying to putt on the greens. More reaction, less thinking.

“It was just to be more of an athlete, be an athlete that reacts to your target,” Morikawa told in 2020. “You look at all other sports, basketball, you think basketball, they’re always looking at their target. I thought of Jordan Spieth when I was putting, when he used to look at his target, he was reacting. That’s all he does. He takes a couple quick looks, if you look at his pre-shot routine, a couple quick looks, doesn’t stand over it too long, but he’s committed and he just reacts to the target. And I think before I was so focused on speed or I was so focused on trying to hit this great putt that I just wasn’t reacting to what I was doing. I react when I hit an iron shot, why can’t I do that when I’m over the putter?”

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Morikawa, who as of March 31, 2023, was ranked 12th in the world rankings, plays out of the new Tom Fazio Summit Club in Las Vegas. He made the move to Southern Nevada in part because of the ever-growing professional golf community. Even while at home, Morikawa improved because of the depth of Vegas talent.

“There are so many great players who live here and I learn a lot just from being around them and practicing and playing with them,” Morikawa said.