These Comments Are Priceless About Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort Island Green

There are three Pete Dye signature courses at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort adding up to 54 holes, but there is one hole that probably gets people talking more than the others. The par 3, 15th hole on the Wolf Course that features an island green. The dastardly and beautiful hole makes golfers’ hearts pitter patter for many reasons.

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Near perfection on the tee shot is mandatory or a golf ball will be splish, splashing. And when the hole was recently featured on the resort’s Facebook page, the comments kept coming and captured the essence of the hole nicely.

“That’s a 50/50 hole. Half time in water, half time on land. Always fun.” Posted Dan S.

Paiute Resort top fan Chuck O. revealed valid advice with his comment: “22,000 square feet…….and its tough to stay on………forget the pin….go for the middle!”

Sean A. tagged Elijo F. in a post and didn’t hold back in displaying his affection for the beautiful hole:

“There she is!! 😍 😆 .” 

“She’s a beauty but don’t let that fool you … 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣,” responded Elijo.

Casey R. added thoughts on the overall Wolf course experience, posting “beautiful course. One for the memory books.”

There were also plenty of comments about hitting the green, making a birdie and improving a score of 7 into a three the next time the hole was played.

And one golfer took the whole thing a bit too seriously and became Ranger Rick for a moment:

“Take your pictures before you wait to tee off, don’t hit 7 balls, and please leave your ball retriever in your cart and stop fishing for balls. Do this and this track is a ton of fun. Some other awesome holes, too. It’s essential that you play ready golf on this track.”

The Insider says enjoy the moment and take in the beauty of each and every hole. And the other 53 holes at Paiute are all beautiful in their own ways, as well. It just so happens that the 15th evokes max emotions.

About the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Pete Dye, is the design force behind the three distinctive layouts found at this unique destination just 25 minutes northwest of the world famous Las Vegas Strip. Renowned for his course architecture, as well as comedic commentary about the game and the courses he has designed, Pete Dye proved how “One-of-a-Kind can now come in Threes” in his concept to realization of Snow Mountain, Sun Mountain and WOLF. Never missing a chance to infuse his legendary challenge of the field with his signature elements such as railroad tie bunkers and sweeping slope changes, he ensured each course within this Vegas Trio presents the golfer a different experience from its siblings.