Wildhorse Disc Golf Courses Are Top Destination for Pros, Amateurs

Once again, it is time for the 24th annual Las Vegas Challenge disc golf event presented by Innova at Wildhorse Golf Club. And once again it is time when people comment about us covering this ‘non-golf’ story. But, to us, golf is golf, and the more people out playing the game, the merrier.

The annual tournament attracts the top disc golfers and is the season kick off for the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

For the 2023 event scheduled for Feb. 23-26, three course rotations will be utilized and Wildhorse continues to gain acclaim as a top tournament facility and top place for recreational golfers to ‘throw it’ throughout the year. The courses played will be the Innova course, Infinite course and the Millennium course.

Spectators are welcome, and tickets are available online at the official event website.

From the official InnovaDiscs.com website:

“As the DGPT season opener, the LVC acts as a tonesetter for the year to come. With 2023 expected to be disc golf’s most-competitive, best-covered, highest-stakes year in history, the LVC tournament directors, staff, and volunteers have been working overtime to create an event worthy of the year to come. The courses have been redesigned to be more technical, challenging, and fair than ever before. The competition level has never been higher. The on-sight spectator experience is set to be more involved and more fun, with the most vendors and activities on site we’ve ever had. And the at-home spectator experience will be at its best as well, with live coverage of each round by Disc Golf Network as well as post-produced coverage from your favorite media outlets.”

The official Wildhorse Disc Golf description:

Wildhorse is a 135-acre golf facility that features three premiere disc golf courses, driving and putting ranges, a full-service clubhouse, and Spectator Arena. The facility is divided into three separate 18-hole circuits, the Millenium Course, the Infinite Course, and the Innova Course. This year, the courses have been modified to be as challenging and fair as possible for the players, while being as safe, yet close-to-the-action as possible for the spectators.

Check out the official Insider recap of the 2022 event right here.

Innova Discs stepped up with a $175,000 title and lottery sponsorship in 2023.

“Yes…you are reading that correctly,” wrote Las Vegas Challenge organizers on the official event Facebook page. “$175,000 total. $125,000 from Innova in merchandise, support, candy fund-raising discs, love, artwork, hugs, staff, and sparkles. As mentioned in a prior post, Factory Store is raising most of their $50,000 cash sponsorship via the sale of the 2023 co-branded LVC Nate Sexton Firebirds and Calvin Heimburg Toros. Good luck getting your hands on one of those this year.”.