Las Vegas Golf Pro Tip – Putt While You Chip

What the hell is Tom Leese, Legacy Golf Club director of instruction, talking about? “Putt while you chip?” Read on and watch the video for more.

In this Las Vegas golf tip article, you will learn how to control your shots around the green and control your distance when you use a putting stroke to chip.

This golf instruction tip is guaranteed to help you save strokes on your short shots and you will have a  much clearer idea how to execute these shots.

Do you struggle with shots around the green?

This is chipping and you can conquer this important part of golf if you learn to “putt while you chip.”

When you chip, you want the ball to spend minimum time in the air and maximize ground run out.

A few tips to putt while you chip

Choke down slightly on the grip

Feet six to 10 inches apart

Ball back of center in your stance

Weight 70/30 on Forward foot

Use a putting stroke! 

Practice with different clubs for distance control.

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