Public Legacy Golf Club Offers Unique ‘Private’ Event Opportunities

Legacy Golf Club is a public course located in the heart of Green Valley and offers a variety of events, weddings and tournaments options that will feature a ‘private’ feel. Happy Hour is also available from 4 p – 7 p everyday and NFL Ticket games on Sunday. Here’s the Legacy scoop from Corey Manning, the course’s head of events and food and beverage.–By Brian Hurlburt, Founder.

Legacy’s Unique Offerings

“Our clubhouse is very nice architecturally with 40-foot ceilings and what I think is a very important aspect of our events is that when somebody reserves an event with us, they get the entire clubhouse to themselves,” Manning says. “We close it down to the public and keep it open solely for that event, which is really a nice feature and makes guests feel special. A full bar is located in the same room as your event, plus there is a private patio with nice views. We also have a lot of parking. We offer a very nice and quality event and/or tournament experience at a very good value.”

The Legacy Golf Club serves the middle market very well in a setting that feels upscale. Manning says events can range from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $25,000, depending upon the details. He and his team can help customize a wedding, birthday, corporate outing, or any other special event.

Legacy also offers the same ‘private’ option for golf tournaments.

“The nicest thing is that for a 144-player event, it is a complete course buyout and means the event will have the entire course and clubhouse to themselves,” Manning says.

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You can also visit for additional course information, tee times and more.

Everyone Be Happy

Everyday is Happy Hour at the Legacy from 4 p – 7 p with drink and food specials. And most Thursdays feature live music. The patio is also open for those perfect early evenings.

Also available at The Legacy is the Sunday Ticket to watch the football action on Sundays and other days. Plus, a Sunday brunch is now also available as is a daily menu with signature items.

“We have put a new focus on our food and beverage offerings recently and what we are doing has been well received,” Manning says. “The Legacy is a fun place for people in the community to come and hang out and enjoy cocktails and good food. I want people to understand that we are a public facility and open to the community. Also, we are one of the few non-smoking bars in the surrounding area and a lot of people appreciate that.”

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The Legacy Golf Club is operated by Elite Golf, and events are also available at their courses, which include Wildhorse, Primm Valley, Aliante and Spanisth Trail Country Club.

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