Phelan, Summers Win Women’s Southern Nevada Am, South Silver Cup Named

It was a big two days at Reflection Bay Golf Club as the Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association played the Southern Nevada Amateur. Cassidy Phelan (left, above) earned the championship division title while Theresa Summers earned the net victory. Plus the main core of the South Silver Cup team was finalized.

“This feels so awesome,” Phelan told writer Bill Bowman following the win. “I haven’t won in over three years so this was amazing.”

An “insane” six-birdie streak fueled her victory.

On the net side, Summers was also thrilled to break through. Focus was a key.

“It shows me I can hit it straight and play well if I focus,” Summers said. “I missed a lot of gross birdie putts because I left them short. They were on-line but short. But they left me with easier par putts and I will take those every time.”

As for the Silver Cup, captains Christine Soscia and Regina Quintero are ready to lead their team against the Northern Nevada Golf Association later this year.

“The North team is pretty tough,” Soscia said. “They always put together a good team. But I know we have a real strong team and they are hungry to win.”

The South Silver Cup Team

Captains: Christine Soscia and Regina Quintero

Qualifiers: Maria Rances, Karen Bernard, Anne Goodson, Yoshi Masuda, Kathy Yee, Renee Rocco, Sherry Jackson. Karen Schroeder, Rusty Beckel, Gabriele Buonacorsi, Brenda Knott, Donna Roush, Debbie Love, Brittany Bronson, Regina Quintero, Karen Herness, Christina Brandt and Lyndi Snyder.

2 Captains picks: TBD at a later date.

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