Wildhorse Blossoming Into Disc Golf Mecca

Here at Las Vegas Golf Insider, we believe golf is golf. With that said, what is happening at Wildhorse Golf Club with the Las Vegas disc golf scene is pretty phenomenal. Big time pro events are held at the course plus everyday disc golfers flock to play the two disc golf layouts on a daily basis. –By Brian Hurlburt.

Once again, the prestigious Professional Disc Golf Association Las Vegas Championship presented by Innova Championship Discs was competed on the course in February. Jon Waddington, the Horse’s GM, is a firsthand witness to how the sport is growing at pretty much every level. Wildhorse is the annual course host for the pro competition, which was won in 2022 by Drew Gibson, a 14-time career winner with more than $140,000 in total prize money. Catrina Allen won in Vegas for the fourth time in the women’s open division.

“We are excited to showcase our property as we host one of the best disc golf events in the world,” says Waddington. “There was  increased media coverage this year with options to watch the professionals play live through various streaming outlets, such as YouTube and the Disc Golf Network. Our goal is to become one of the best, and most well known disc golf courses in the world. The local volunteers, led by Las Vegas Challenge Tournament Director Jeff Jacquart, have done a phenomenal job designing and installing the two permanent courses on our property. They have put in countless hours and should be very proud of what it has become. The disc courses at Wildhorse are currently ranked #1 in the state of Nevada according to uDisc.com.”

When not in use by the pros, everyday disc golfers are heading to Wildhorse in record numbers to play the layouts. There is the morning course layout and also a layout available in the afternoons after 3:30. Rates are $15 per player and includes a golf cart.

“The first thing that comes to mind about the popularity of disc golf is the potential for continued growth,” Waddington says. “We have seen disc golf play double over the past two years with no signs of slowing down.”

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“It’s what I live for,” Gibson told the official PDGA website about his victory. “I love this game. I love competing. I love playing. Being in that situation where you either birdie or lose a tournament is something I thrive on. I don’t want to win by 10 – it sounds good – but I like this. This makes me a better player and the next time I’m in this situation, I will feel even more comfortable. It makes me happy to know that I grinded it out to the maximum.”

Drew Gibson

Wildhorse is an official course partner of LasVegasGolfInsider.com. Graphics via PDGA.com