The Devil’s Triangle at Legacy Golf Club Revealed

It’s a seemingly innocent three-hole stretch at Legacy Golf Club. They are three holes that, at first glance, seem to offer players three good looks at a birdie. But beware, there can be trouble afoot if players get too complacent. Welcome to the Devil’s Triangle. Enter at your own risk.–by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff

Legacy Tee Times and Information

Legacy Golf Club, located in Henderson, is an Arthur Hills design that stretches out to 7,233 yards from the tips. It’s a hometown favorite and showcases one of Vegas’ most iconic features: the par-3 10th hole tee boxes. Each of the four teeing areas is sculpted in the shape of a suit in a deck of cards: spade, heart, club and diamond. Go ahead and admire the design on this hole because after this comes, cue the theme from ‘Jaws’ music, the Devils Triangle.

Now that we have your attention, here’s the lowdown on this stretch of golf holes that look straightforward from the tee boxes but players can have a devilish time on one or more of these holes.

The 11th is a straightaway par-4 that is 437 yards from the tips. It’s got a wide-open fairway, so where’s the trouble? The dilemma comes with the second shot with a bunker short guarding the approach and another bunker to the right guarding shots that may flair. This one’s the longest of the three holes but is likely the easiest.

The next one up is the par-4 12th. It’s just 384 yards from the tips, but the hole features a severe 90-degree dogleg. Go ahead and cut off as much of the dogleg as you can…we dare you. Three bunkers guard the corner of the dogleg. The key here is finding the fairway off the tee. The elevated green (don’t be short with your approach) is also well guarded with bunkers.

Now comes the real risk/reward hole of the threesome. The 13th (lucky or unlucky…we will soon see). This hole is just 323 yards and that’s from the tips. Looks like it’s time to take a shot at driving the green, right? Well, proceed at your own risk (see what we did there?). A gulch hugs the left side of the hole from tee to green and has captured more than its fair share of errant drives. And that’s not even the biggest problem here. Guarding the front of the green is a monstrous bunker 30-plus yards in length and just wide enough to cover the width of the green. It will wreak havoc with shots that come up short.

All three of these holes are definitely birdie holes…if players think their way through shot selection and don’t try to be heroic. Be smart. On the 11th…take aim for the middle of the green and take your chances with a longer birdie putt. On the 12th…take less than driver off the tee and rely on your wedge play to get you to the green. On the 13th…put your ego and driver away and pull out a hybrid and, again, give yourself a wedge into the green.

The Legacy has played host to U.S. Open qualifying events and other top amateur tournaments. As a junior player, Tiger Woods competed in an American Junior Golf Association tournament at the course. Annual golf plans and daily deals are available at the website.

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