Four of Our Favorite Holes at Tom Fazio’s Primm Valley Golf Club

LAS VEGAS, NV (Dec. 28, 2020)–There are golf lists for everything. From ‘best of’ to ‘toughest’ to everything in between. Now, we’ve added out own and this one is simple: Four fun our favorite golf holes at the Tam Fazio-designed Primm Valley Golf Club. That’s it. No muss, no fuss, just four holes you’ll have a blast playing. And if they wind up on your ‘best of’ or ‘toughest’ lists after playing them, we’ve done our job.–by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff.

Primm Valley Golf Club, located 30 minutes south of Las Vegas just into California, features two impressive 18-hole Tom Fazio designs, the Lakes and the Desert courses.


Picking favorite golf holes is tough but for us, that requires three things: challenge and beauty being at the top of the list, but the holes better be fun as well. It’s that simple.

With that in mind, we’ll give out our Lakes favorites first as it’s the original layout, having opened in 1997 (the Desert opened a year later).

Our first choice is the second hole, a par-5 that reaches 530 yards from the tips. At first glance, the beauty is easy to see as the hole, a letter ‘C’ in reverse if you will, has a stunning pond down the entire left side. The challenge is keeping a drive as close to that pond as possible, thereby cutting off as much yardage as possible. Then comes the dilemma. Do you give it a go in two or lay up? The layup shot is easier as there’s a huge fairway landing area. The go-for-broke shot is the test as a bunker and the pond stand guard to grab errant shots.

We’ll add to the list with the par-4 10th. It’s a 347-yard hole from the tips with another reverse ‘C’ layout. But–and here’s the intriguing part–taking aim over the pond brings driving the green into the picture. From the tips it’s 239 to carry the pond and another 60 or so to the green so it should be fairly easy to knock it over…if your nerves hold up. But then comes another challenge of getting it up and down.

Over on the Desert Course, two of our favorite holes are the par-4 6th hole and the par-5 18th.

The sixth hole is one of those that looks easy. It’s gorgeous with the contrast of lush green fairways and the brown of the desert landscaping. But it can have plenty of bite. At just 389 yards from the tips, it’s definitely a birdie hole…in theory. The drive is to a wide, wide fairway and should leave nothing more than a short iron into an island green…without water. Short, right and back of the green is a desert waste area so be accurate with your approach or be prepared to hit your third shot from out of that waste area.

The 18th is another great example of risk/reward. A par-5 reaching only 517 yards from the tips, a good drive puts players in the go-zone. But wait, there’s got to be a catch, right? It can’t be this easy. Well, you’re correct. The green is guarded by four bunkers front and left making the approach shot that much more difficult. Come up short and your long-range bunker game will be tested. Long also brings another bunker into play so accuracy is definitely the key.

There you have it, four golf holes that are not only visually appealing but will challenge your shot-making ability as well.

Just what every golfer wants.

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The Par 4 drivable 10th hole on Primm Valley Golf Club Lakes course.