Playing Northern Nevada – Enjoying Lake Tahoe, Reno, Truckee

It was an amazing week spent in Northern Nevada (and in California near that area) during a pandemic with social distancing golf and other outdoor activities. There will be a more indepth article coming soon at about the mindfulness of a trip like this, but here is a link to a post about Destination Northern Nevada at about the week that was.

Excerpt from

“Mindfulness or wellness are the two words that come immediately to mind about this area,” says Liz Bowling, Director of Global Communications and Media Relations at the North Lake Tahoe Convention & Visitors Bureau. “I feel a deep connection to this area and I think most who visit also begin to feel connected. There’s just something about this place. I had to raise my family here because this area just kind of gets in your blood. There’s a depth to Tahoe that many people don’t realize. Obviously, water is a key piece to it and I tell everyone they should experience it in several ways. Enjoy on the shore, enjoy it from above on our hiking and biking trails or ski slopes, and then for sure take the plunge and feel the water. But there really is much more and the more time you spend here, the more you will discover. And while most people visit in either summer to enjoy the lake or winter for world-class skiing, taking a trip here in the ‘off season’ of spring and fall can be magical.”

Photo: Clear Creek Lake House at Lake Tahoe