Piero’s Offers Perfect Location, Ambiance and Is Customizable for Corporate, Special Events

Location, location, location is the foundation of a well-known business phrase that asserts that if a business is in the right spot, everything will run smoothly and success is imminent.

There is no question that the iconic Piero’s Italian Cuisine, located in the heart of Las Vegas immediately adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center and minutes from Strip resorts, offers a perfect location for corporate and special events, but that is just the appetizer on the Piero’s dazzling special event menu.

Piero’s location, combined with a deep and rich Las Vegas history, A+ food and fare served and created by master chef Gilbert Fetaz, a unique setting inside and out, and an ownership and staff ready and willing to customize any special event, allows Piero’s to offer the whole package for anyone planning a corporate, family or other special event that must be perfect in each and every phase.

Valeo Piero’s Event Video


“We are a hands-on team from the owners, Freddie and Evan, to myself, who is the first touch point for event planners, all the way down to the bussers,” says Theresa Mayorga, Piero’s Special Events coordinator extraordinaire. “Because we are family owned and operated, we have the ability to customize an event and take special requests pretty much up until the day of the occasion. You can’t get what we offer at most other places that are corporate entities in a hotel or other locations. They pretty much offer set packages and are stringent in their guidelines. We are pretty much the opposite; we meet with you, listen to your goals and create a stunning, memorable and unbelievable event for just about any size from a small dinner to a complete buyout of the restaurant inside and/or our large surrounding lot outside. We cater to you from the first minute we begin planning until we shake hands and hug at the end of a successful happening.”

Mayorga doesn’t exaggerate when she mentions events of pretty much any size, shape or creation. Piero’s hosted Valeo, an automotive supplier and technology partner to automakers worldwide, during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show and the company created a test track in the Piero’s parking lot to display their technology and allow future partners to demo it. Since that event, Mayorga has received several additional calls from companies wishing to utilize Piero’s in a similar manner.

“Our location is amazing; we’re literally about a five-minute walk from the Las Vegas Convention Center,” says Mayorga. “With the dense traffic that occurs during a convention, the ability for planners to walk over to prepare the venue and for attendees to not have to fight the hustle and bustle and bumper to bumper traffic is a major bonus and relief for companies. Plus, the diversity of our venues allows companies to create unique environments for their guests and customers.”

Besides the Valeo test track, Piero’s has also created an ice rink, hosted Cirque Du Soleil performers, cannabis company events, festivals, World of Concrete expos, charity events and more. Piero’s is also perfect for wedding occasions, company retreats and dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties and pretty much any type event that can be imagined.

“There really isn’t much we can’t pull off,” Mayorga says. “We have a deep contact list of event experts who we can call anytime that will create something amazing and perfect.”

Managing partner Evan Glusman watches in wonder at some of the events Piero’s has helped coordinate and knows the Piero’s back story is another major selling point for companies to host at Piero’s.

“I think our classic Vegas atmosphere oozes authenticity and that is something company leadership looks for when hosting a special event,” Glusman says. “Our restaurant offers a very unique ambiance and feel inside the restaurant and it is pretty much a ready-made vibe for an event, so planners don’t have to put much thought into how the room will look and feel. We are so much different than a typical ballroom or other stale environment that needs to be artificially created to fulfill a client’s wishes. Piero’s has been a Las Vegas institution since the eighties and a who’s who of celebrities and business people have and still share meals with us. That’s something you can’t find in many places in Las Vegas and we love offering that to our clients.”

Contact Theresa Mayorga at 702.369.2305 or tmayorga@pieroscuisine.com to reserve your event today.