Las Vegas National is Golf Oasis in the City

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (May 15, 2019)–Is your life becoming a little harried? Is your blood pressure reaching those levels your doctor warned you about? Well, here’s a prescription that can help get your life balance back in order: Play 18 soothing holes at Las Vegas National Golf Club.–By Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff

Why Las Vegas National? Well, the answer is simple. While it’s located in the heart of Vegas, it’s also a therapeutic escape for players with its laid-back atmosphere and serene tree-lined surroundings.

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Las Vegas National Golf Club, a Bert Stamps design and one of Vegas’ original layouts, opened its doors in 1961 and has evolved into a golfing paradise. Holes on the course are lined with mature trees and the course also gives players the chance to walk (that’s right, players can walk the course). Where else can you take in a nature walk, play 18 holes and bring that blood pressure down all at the same time? And don’t forget about the sweet Golf Boards that allow you to surf the earth while playing 18 holes.

“It’s a great spot for people to just relax,” said Joe Kelly, director of sales and marketing. “They can enjoy the surroundings, the fresh air and the quality of the golf course. And yes, they are welcome to walk.”

The layout plays just 6,721 yards from the tips, but don’t let the lack of distance fool you–it’s still more than enough challenge for everyone, PGA Tour players included. How else do you explain that Tiger Woods, playing here in 1996 when he won his first Tour event, could manage just a one-under-par 70?

There’s water everywhere on the course, counting the ponds and a creek that meanders through the property. And while it may not always be in play, it’s always noticeable. It is especially prominent on the opening and closing holes, both par 5s. The two holes let the big hitters give it a go in two if they can avoid the water and bunkers. Then there are the par 3s which are some of the lengthiest and most challenging in Vegas. Three of the five par 3s top out at more than 200 yards.

“It’s a great course and people get away from the desert look of Las Vegas,” Kelly said. “We’re wall-to-wall grass. We’re definitely not a target golf course.”

And one more tip about this course’s spot in Vegas golf history: Las Vegas National is also home to the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame. Players can take a trip back through time and read and see about the game and its evolution in Las Vegas.