Las Vegas Golf Deals Are Even Available at Top 100 Cascata

Updated: Click the link below for all Las Vegas golf deals and rates for Cascata. As of this writing earlier in 2015, the rate was as low as $225 but sometimes the rates are even less. Previous article: Deal is a relative term, of course, and what passes as a “deal” is always in the eye of the beholder. But right now you can play Cascata, a top 100 course as voted by Golf Digest, for as little as $225, a rate that is almost $200 less than prime time rates. Click now to view all Cascata rates and how you can enjoy Cascata for less.

Cascata Las Vegas Golf Deals

This is what designer Rees Jones has to say about his gem of golf called Cascata:

“Deep canyon walls frame each hole much like the sand dunes of Scotland; ancient streambeds have been brought to life. Natural rock outcroppings and manmade water features make Cascata as much an oasis as nearby Las Vegas.”

Here’s what some others say about Cascata so picture yourself in their shoes and about to enjoy all that is Cascata, a course owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment. The testimonials are from the courses official website:

“Wonderful experience… better than Pebble. Will highly recommend.” –Michael (Wichita, KS)

“I’ve hosted groups at just about every course in Las Vegas, the overall experience at Cascata is beyond comparison.” –Robert (Tulsa, OK)

“It truly was a great golf experience… probably the best of my 28 years of golf and I lived in Phoenix.” –Mark (Lincoln, NE)

“I have played golf all over the world, and the top courses in the US. Cascata provided the best, most personal service I have ever received.” –Jerry (McGregor, TX)

“One of the best course and experiences in the country.” –Dean (Austin, TX)

“I thought the course and service was outstanding. The greens were the best that we played out of 11 Monterey, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas courses-simply outstanding. We also played Shadow Creek and Wynn in Las vegas and by way of comparison I thought the Cascata experience was every bit as good as the two other courses.” –Bob (Victoria, AU)

And that’s what the Las Vegas Golf Insider has to say about that!